Paris Attacks and Movements against Terrorism

A general view of the scene shows rescue service personnel working near the covered bodies outside a restaurant following a shooting incident in Paris

general view of the scene shows rescue service personnel working 
near the covered bodies outside a restaurant following a shooting
incident in Paris, France, November 13, 2015. REUTERS/Philippe 

Francois Hollande has given an historic speech at Versailles before the upper and lower houses of parliament – only the third time this has happened since 1848 – saying “France is at war”Telegraph

The attacks on Paris were unfortunate. This was by far, one of the most ruthless incident of terror. As confirmed, the coordinated attacks were done by ISIS. But the attacks did not actually terrorize France. France still stood tall against ISIS and they struck back at the heart of the Islamic State, launching about 20 airstrikes on multiple targets located on the stronghold, Raqqa, so called the defacto capital of the “caliphate”. After the attacks, the anti-terrorism units also launched raids across France, in Toulouse, Grenoble, Calais and Paris. Then France again carried out fresh raid of airstrikes against the Islamic State, again in Raqqa.

But, we want to know what is happening to the world and what is going to happen ahead. If we believe to what Saif al-Adel said, about the Al-Qaeda’s 7 Step Plan, then, the coming future is going to be horrible. Now, the question, what is Al-Qaeda’s 7 Step Plan?

Step 1the Awakening: beginning with the 9/11 attacks  in 2001, this period ended with fall of Bagdad in 2003. This period is called the Awakening, because Al-Qaeda military planners wanted the U.S. to attack the Islamic world and hopefully “awaken” Muslims.

Step 2: This step lasted till 2006, and the motive was to bring all the Islamic states, including the Arabs together. This did not prove to be much successful as Arab and the “greater Islamic states” did not publically support Al-Qaeda. Although, it was not a complete failure, with hundreds of Islamists entering Iraq to fight during the heights of operations there.

Step 3: Recognition: From 2007 to 2010, Al-Qaeda planned attacks on Turkey and Israel, so as to get better recognition as an Islamic state, and to get attention of the Arab nations.

Step 4Strengthening Economy: It was from 2011 to 2013, that the Al-Qaeda carried out dramatic attacks on oil suppliers, Turkish vacation spots, cruise ships, the Gaza Strip within Israel so as to strengthen their economy. U.S. economy were also specifically targeted through cyber-terrorism.

Step 5Formation of the Islamic State: This stage started in April 2013, with the formation of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL), growing out of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), hoping that this stage “will bring about a new world order”. The West won’t be able to resist this new world. This stage, also spreads the reach of Islamic State all over the world by recruiting in ‘ridiculed’ teenagers and people of different professions.

Step 6Beginning of the war: This stage is said to be starting from 2016. With this, the Islamic state hopes to initiate through its established Islamic super state, a World War unlike anything we have ever seen. The conflict may also be nuclear.

Step 7: Declaration of Victory: Sometime around 2020, the Islamic State hopes to be able to declare “definitive victory” having defeated the West through direct confrontation, subversive activities, and the effects of a Middle East power vacuum resulting from collapsed moderate Arab governments.

So, this is the plan, which unfortunately till now is going well for the Islamic State.

Now, we know that this could be a threat, to complete humanity, is the intended war in 2016 and ahead, turns to a nuclear one. But what are we doing to stop all this? Or, we must ask, is there a way to stop this? Nothing is impossible. The events ongoing and the upcoming events are amongst the greatest happenings of the world. So some historic decisions are needed to be taken so as to stop this large scale event.

To think about what we should do ahead, we should first see what are we doing right now. The nations, getting together, theoretically, and bombing ISIS? Seriously? Bombing can possibly break down things for the Islamic State, but that would happen, when we attack on the right places. Well, you see, U.S. accuses Russia of bombing at the wrong places. Ashton Carter, the US defence chief, said that the Russian strikes “were in areas where there were probably not ISIL forces” the closest that any US official went to declaring that Moscow – instead of attacking ISIS– had attacked the enemies of Assad. Then comes Russia, accusing that the Americans are not bombing at all. Also Alexei Pushkov, the head of the Russian parliament’s international affairs committee,  tweeted “McCain accused us of striking out at US-trained insurgents… However, since they have either run away or joined al-Qaeda, hitting them is a mission impossible”. Although, both Putin and Obama had a meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 talks, which went on for about half an hour. This was about the US-Russia alliance against ISIS.


Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin talk unofficially
on sidelines
of G-20 summit on Nov 15, 2015.

Now comes the Europe. With Europe unable to handle the migrant crisis, there comes the devil of their lives, the ISIS. With attack on France, where one of the attackers is suspected to have came as a migrant, now everyone is confused whether to take in the migrants or not. And moreover, we come to see that how easy it is for the ISIS, to enter in Europe and perform attacks. So this is a major concern right now to handle both of the situations. Moreover, there have been Migrants, protesting for their rights, and also, there are Anti-Migrant protesters, who say that they want to live safe, without a threat. So with people also participating, it is now even more difficult for the governments to handle the situation. And then comes the UK thinking to get out of the European Union, so as to get stable economically. With all these problems, and many more, it is good to see that the European countries still say that they are going to fight against ISIS and terrorism together.


Pro-refugee rallies across the Europe

We know that this is going to be tough for everyone. But it the need of the hour, that we fight against them. As I said before, some brave and important decisions are needed to be taken and something historical needs to happen. It would be better if the whole world unites, really unites as one to fight. We need more than just bombing. I cannot say that what exactly needs to be done, the experts all over the world know that better, but we need to stop this upcoming World War.

I’ll end this by quoting what Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere. If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport. And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will wack them in the outhouse. … The issue has been resolved once and for all”




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