Global Collaboration, Shengen and the Refugees

It’s been now very long since U.S. first started air attacks on IS in Syria. Many of the world’s other powers have joined hands with U.S. with time, including some larger powers like Russia. But still, there is so significant result. Instead of IS being weakened, it seems that there is no affect on them. They’re spreading their connections all around the world, as usually as they were doing before the bombings. Are we actually thinking of defeating IS exclusively by air attacks? Is the global collaboration that everyone is talking about, even possible? What about the innocent asylum seekers who don’t have a place to live, after most of the countries stepping back on accepting them, as a security measure? What is the future of the Shengen Pact? And now, after the Russian fighter jet was downed by Turkey, what is the stand of other nations on it, and on the upcoming so called global alliance?

We’ll try to talk about these things one by one. Firstly, as we all know that there are talks going on about the global collaboration against IS. But it might not be as easy as it looks to form the collaboration, because of some political differences between some of the countries, where Russia and U.S. relations are in the spotlight. Everyone knows that the history between the two powers has not been good. Although, there was an attempt to forget the past and to look forward toward their “common enemy”, IS, when both the Presidents had a chat, on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit a few days back, but it’s not going to be that easy. While U.S. was claiming to attack the oil tankers, that I.S. sold, probably to Turkey or some other nation, those attacks were not giving outcomes that were intended. And then comes Russia, bombing about 5000 oil tankers or so, in the span of just a few day. Not just that, Russia also says that U.S. was just “pretending” to bomb the oil tankers. So, if this is true, why is U.S. “pretending” to bomb the oil tankers? And also, U.S. may also be fooling people by saying they attacked at other major spots of IS. This is also a possibility that if U.S. was not bombing the oil tankers, it might be doing the same at other targets too… This, increases the tension between the two countries which would have an impact while forming the collaboration.

Also, if the collaboration forms, there needs to be a leader. Well, till now, U.S. had been leading the attacks on I.S. in Syria, but with Russia joining the attacks, and giving the facts of what U.S. had been doing in Syria over the term, it’s going to be difficult for U.S. to convince countries to join the U.S. led collation. U.N. also says that the Russia led collation would be more effective against IS. It actually makes sense because the Russians are the most effective “outsider” against IS, in a rather short span of time(on direct comparison with U.S.).

Now, talking about what is happening in Europe. After the Paris attacks, and after the news that some attackers there entered as refugees, everyone is trying to secure their territory and wants intensive checks on who the asylum seekers entering their country are. They all want no terrorists to enter their regions as asylum seekers. But it is not possible to check each one of them. So the nations are deciding not to take in the asylum seekers, as a security measure. This also includes Germany, who was the biggest supporter of the refugees. In the view of national security, their concern is legitimate, but due to just a few threats, we can’t let every asylum seeker to suffer. In the weather of bone shivering cold, where would those innocent people go? France, UK, Germany and also U.S. is stepping back on talking in refugees. This would be total inhuman act not to provide shelter to the innocent people. So the countries need to find a solution for this. The free flow of people across the international borders in Europe should be stopped. There is no security, no checks at the international borders in Europe. Thanks to the Shengen policy, that if terrorists enter any one country of European Union, they can move freely to any other country of the EU, without being checked. Isn’t it a security threat to the countries of European Union? But the countries are doing nothing about this, other than just giving statements, and are just discriminating the innocent asylum seekers. The Open Border Policy must be dissolved now.



Coming to what happened in the Turkey-Syrian border, a Russian warplane was downed by Turkey yesterday, saying that it violated the Turkish airspace. The Russians say that the warplane did not even enter the Turkish airspace, and was 1 km from the Turkish region. So this starts the conflict. The Russian president said, “Today’s loss is a result of a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of terrorists”. The Turkish president says that they gave 10 warning to the warplane, and attacked it when it did not respond to any of the warning. He said, ” We have the right to protect our airspace and we did the attack in accordance with the Turkish laws.” This is in contradiction with what he said back in 2012 when a Turkish plane was downed in Syria. He then said, “A short span of airspace violation cannot be enough to attack an airplane”. So, in short, the attack on Russian warplane was clearly an intended, and a pre-planned action.


Most of the countries are actually forced to back Turkey on this as Turkey has been a member of NATO since 1952. The NATO allies are blindfolded to support Turkey. Although,German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said, “This incident shows for the first time that we are to dealing with an actor who is unpredictable according to statements from various parts of the region – that is not Russia, that is Turkey”, calling the Turkish actions “unpredictable”. Also, U.S. believes that the warplane was shot in the Syrian airspace. Still they say that the Turkish have the right to protect their airspace. “US and NATO support for Turkey’s right to defend its sovereignty” the statement came from the White House after a telephonic talk of Barack Obama with his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey is one of the players in this “war” who is playing double game(guess who are the other ones?…). As a result of this “stab in the back”, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already advised Russians not to visit Turkey and the Federal Tourism Agency has called on Tour Operators to halt sales to the country. Also, the Russians officials say this is just the start. Putin has many options. Most of the energy supply of Turkey is given by Russia. Most of the revenue from tourism in Turkey is due to the Russians. There are many other options for Putin.

Now, just a small thing. Will air attacks be enough to stop IS? We can’t stop them exclusively with air attacks. We need to get on the ground and fight them there, and support the ones fighting there. I would end this with the statement by one of my good friends, and a geopolitical expert, Micah Leitel, who said, “Buildings don’t pick up guns and shoot people. They don’t move. We are not at war with IS, we are just at war with the buildings.”



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